airCloud Pro

Your comfort at hand

  • Control your air conditioner from your smartphone

    Access and operate your Hitachi air conditioner anywhere and anytime

  • Air conditioning made easy

    User-friendly and visual interface helps you create indoor comfort

  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

    Go hands-free! Command the AC operation with your voice

  • Schedule AC to meet your routine

    Use our timer functions to optimize operation based on your needs

  • Your security, our priority

    Minimal personal information and high level security protocol to protect your data

Designed for your convenience

Easy configuration & quick start
Share access with up to 10 users
Manage up to 20 air conditioners

Start now!

If your air conditioner is wifi-ready, start using airCloud Home now! Check the compatibility of your equipment locally, some of them may need a wifi adapter. Contact us to find out more
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How does airCloud Home work?

airCloud Home communicates with your air conditioners via the cloud, through your home Wifi.
How does airCloud Home work?

*Compatibility varies depending on air conditioner models. The installation of an airCloud Adapter might be required (available as an accessory).

**Router shall be able to support 2.4GHz band.

Connect airCloud Home with your smart speaker

Enjoy hands-free voice command in a few steps!
How to install

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